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InzoSoftware established in preparation for product release.
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IT Media, LLC, a digital media and advertising agency for real estate professionals, has re-branded itself to be InzoSoftware LLC in preparation of the upcoming alpha release of their flagship real estate software product, MyRealtyWorks.

For over 8 years, IT Media has provided digital marketing services for real estate professionals and helped them build and market their brand in local communities.

This change in direction comes as a result of the creation MyRealtyWorks – a real estate sales & marketing solution that they developed with their partner and real estate broker Blue Sun Realty.

MyRealtyWorks is a complete marketing package that includes a real estate IDX website, backend software and digital marketing services for SEO & PPC management. 

CEO of InzoSoftware Michael Inzerillo says “MyRealtyWorks® is a truly unique solution for the industry makes it easy for real restate pros to market, connect and grow their business.”

We provide hand-crafted and tailored web sites, facebook pages and other digital materials – and tie it all together using a custom real estate CRM and social network solution that we invented specific to the real estate industry.  Our clients can easy track leads, sales, properties, deals and other things that most agents need to organize with real estate transactions. However – they can also connect with other colleagues and vendors in a private social community network that’s built into the software. This helps them get new leads and work faster.”

MyRealtyWorks aims on bridging that gap and providing a single, all-in-one platform that any person involved in real estate can use to grow market and grow their business.

MyRealtyWorks is scheduled for beta release sometime in the first half of 2018.

To request more information, click here.

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