How Successful Real Estate Agents use Instagram for Marketing in 2020

Michael Inzerillo | CEO Inzo Software Inc.

How Instagram Helps Real Estate Agents

Instagram stands amongst the most popular social media platforms with a monthly user base of 500 million users, and 300 million daily users. Statistics reveal that Instagram garners over 4.2 billion likes in a daily basis, and every minute, around 216,000 images are uploaded on this social media platform.

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Real estate agents need to focus on adopting Instagram and making it a pivotal platform in their social media marketing efforts. Primarily because 30% of the entire US population uses Instagram, and more than half of Millennials across the world are using this platform every single day. It is truly one of the most effective platforms to market your listings, build a dynamic brand image, and attract new clients with immersive imagery.

Instagram allows real estate agents to explore strikingly different tools and avenues of creativity as compared to Facebook or Twitter, and its user engagement and demographic customization is also much more effective. Instagram does require some practice, however, it is truly worth your time in terms of user engagement and boosting website traffic.

This mobile application has an attractive interface and user-friendly design, and the engagement level of Instagram is strikingly higher than other social media platform. It is the ultimate goldmine to create leads, interact with potential clients and boost your social media presence. In this article, we will walk you through some strategies and tips to use your Instagram profile to effective market your business and real estate listings.

1. Build your Brand

Instagram allows you to humanize your brand and connect with your audience at a much more personal, and deeper level. It is the ultimate PR mouthpiece of your social media presence, and it uses immersive imagery to promote your services and ambitions. It allows you to carve out an image of expertise and professionalism, and with the help of the right hashtags, you can establish yourself as an authority in your realm.

It is extremely easy to get discovered on Instagram, and as long as you are consistently sharing relevant and informative content, you can use your Instagram feed to tell your audience that no one knows your real estate market better than you. This powerful social media site will help establish you as an expert amongst a community of buyers, sellers, referring agents, and other real estate professionals, encouraging them to work with you.

First and foremost, you must create a business profile, or even convert your personal account into a business profile. This will provide you all the analytical tools to gain insight into your content strategy and the performance of your strategies in terms of user engagement and traffic generation. 

Make sure that your business profile is strictly focused on the real estate niche, and does not include any personal images, or pictures of you at a vacation or with your partner. It must exude a dynamic professional vibe that will inculcate an image of trust and reliability in your audience.

2. An Impressive Bio

Your Instagram profile will serve as your strongest online identity and you must make sure that at first glance, the impression it gives is compelling and impressive. It all begins with a compelling and engaging bio, which will inspire others to connect with you and go through all your posts.

Instead of focusing the bio on yourself, your achievements and your personality, focus it on the client and your audience. With a brief description, explain what you can do for your clients, your areas of specialization and the element that makes you stand out.

Your bio should be focused on your professional life, how you are devoted to helping your client, your real estate niche, which could be villas, apartments or even industrial zones etc. Be sure to hint your location or neighborhood alongside leaving your contact information and links to your website and other online platforms.

Your business photo must also be equally compelling and attractive, and be sure to use the same headshot that you have on your website and your business cards to maintain consistency.

3. Engaging Content

Instagram users seek engaging and creative content, and since the social media platform is largely focused on pictures, you need to make sure your feed is brimming with high quality images without violating someone else’s copyrights. As a real estate agent, there is a wide range of areas and niches that you can explore in your content strategy.