How Top Real Estate Agents Use Pinterest to Generate Leads in 2020

Michael Inzerillo | CEO Inzo Software Inc.

How Pinterest Helps Real Estate Agents

Pinterest is one of the most underutilized social media platforms across the real estate industry, despite the incredible opportunities it allows real estate agents to market and promote their services. Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms, but its features a quite different as compared to Facebook or Instagram.

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Real estate agents need to focus on adopting Pinterest and making it a pivotal platform in their social media marketing efforts.

Pinterest will not help you attract scores of buyers and sellers, but that doesn’t mean that this incredible platform is not worth your while. Pinterest has a constantly growing monthly user engagement of over 150 million active users. A survey conducted by Pinterest reveals that 70 million of these users live in the United States, and 67% of the users are Millennials.

What’s more, 18% of the users on Pinterest have an average annual income of $75,000 or above. 93% of the Pinterest users stated that they use Pinterest as a guide before purchasing, and 87% stated that they often make purchases due to Pinterest ideas.

Needless to say, Pinterest is a goldmine to generate leads and online traffic for your website, and if you want to make your real estate blog a dynamic voice, Pinterest will help you build a powerful image, alongside building consistency. Another important thing to remember is that Pinterest is not a social media site like Facebook or Instagram, in fact, it is a search engine of images, much like Google.

Pinterest is the ultimate search engine for real estate agents, and with effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, you can use this platform to drive website traffic and take on new clients. In this article, we will walk you through some of the ways in which real estate agents can use Pinterest to their advantage.

1. Create a Business Profile

You can get started with Pinterest by either creating a business profile or converting your existing account into a business one. This will allow you to access all the data and statistics you need to monitor your progress and user engagement. Pinterest will present you with detailed charts and graphs to examine your website traffic and clicks per post. You can customize your leads and traffic with demographic data, which will help you narrow down your marketing efforts towards your targeted audience.

2. Present your Brand

Whether you are presenting yourself as an agent, or you run a realtor business with a corporate venue, your Pinterest profile must represent your brand in the best way possible. Your profile must specify your location, the real estate niche you work in, your specialties and services in the real estate agencies and more.

Be sure to add at least two keywords after your Pinterest name to make sure your profile is easy searchable for your audience. You must also provide a brief bio that allows people to contact you should they find your content and services engaging.

Most realtors focus on building their own profiles instead of a business profile, and it is important to focus more on the client’s needs rather than introducing your personal life. Your bio should always be client-centered and focused on your audience. Be sure to hint what you are offering to your clients briefly and clearly.

3. Pin your Blog Posts

The greatest advantage of using Pinterest is the opportunity to market your blog posts in the most engaging manner. Pinterest has garnered a great deal of popularity amongst bloggers for promoting their marketing efforts amongst an audience that is genuinely seeking information, reviews and assistance. As a real estate agent, Pinterest demands you to create a unique and immersive series of pictures from all across town, which includes your listings, home décor ideas, neighborhoods, tourist attractions, and other images related to your market and niche.

You can make use of your phone camera, or a DSLR if you can afford one. Real estate agents can now access innovative smartphone apps, drones and software designed to capture and enhance the quality of real estate photography. Be sure to work on each image, especially the cover image that will make your blog posts stand out.

Remember, old and shabby images will only cast a dull light over your brand, while colorful and attractive images will boost user engagement and enhance your brand image.

4. Create more than 10 Boards

Your Pinterest boards are much like a blog or a pool of ideas and inspiration. Like a website has categories that allow you to file in relevant information in different categories, be sure to divide your Pinterest board into multiple categories that are all within your real estate niche.

If you are a real estate agent based in California, then the market of California, home decor and lifestyles in the West coast fall within your realm of expertise. You can create multiple boards to attract your audience and offer them an abundance of inspiration. For instance, you can create a board about luxury homes, apartments and condos, home décor for oceanfront villas, home repairs guides, market Infographics, first-time buyers and seller’s guides, and more.