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MyRealtyWorks was designed by real estate agents & brokers

MyRealtyWorks is a powerful real estate marketing software solution was designed by real estate agents – for the entire real estate community.

Comprised of both software AND “people” services, we provide an all-in-one solution for agents, brokers and vendors in the real estate industry who what a team to help them with marketing.

Our mission is to deliver to  FOUR key benefits to every one of our customers. As one of our clients, we help you:

  • Get You More Clients
  • Help You Stay in Touch
  • Keep You Organized
  • Save you Money
MyRealtyWorks CRM and Social Network for Real Estate
MyRealtyWorks Real Estate CRM is Affordable

We wanted to replace our COSTLY systems with something better - and AFFORDABLE

We started out on this journey trying to create something that would save us money. As a real estate brokerage with a team of  agents and offering property management services, we were spending A LOT of money in marketing and systems.

We had a system to store documents, another to manage transactions, a third to manage listings and properties, another to route inbound leads – and a seperate CRM to track those leads. It was a lot – and it COST a lot too.

So… instead of adding another system to the mix – we decided to build our own that would COMBINE the features we needed from each into a single solution. Once we did that – we added some people to the mix to manage the website development and online marketing needs we had.

Fast forward to today… and our solution – MyRealtyWorks is available to real agents, brokers and vendors who work in the real estate industry.

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