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We help real estate agents promote their image, promote themselves locally and attract more clients.

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All-In-One Real Estate Marketing Solution

MyRealtyWorks is an all-in-one marketing solution for real estate agents looking to build their image locally, promote their brand and generate more leads.

Our team of real estate & marketing professionals provides a unique experience to you as you work with a team of marketing professionals and powerful software to help promote yourself to your community.

From the initial conversation to ongoing marketing for your brand – you get “custom” everything! Custom IDX websites, digital ads, blogs, landing pages, search pages and more.

We are your very own “digital marketing team” who is there to manage it all for you – so you can focus on working new leads and closing more deals!

IDX Website

You get a custom IDX website that is chock full of search pages, features and blogs to help attract new leads

Landing Pages

You get various landing pages to focus lead generating efforts and improve lead quality and conversion

Unique Content

You get your web pages, blog articles, stock images & other content researched, written and SEO optimized for you

Digital Ads

You get handcrafted ads that are 100% created for you and managed on Facebook, Google and Youtube

Sales Automation

You get a simple yet powerful sales & marketing CRM that is designed by and for real estate professionals


You get coaching  & training through 1×1 sessions, webinars and group training aimed to help you maximize results

for the Real Estate Agent...

MyRealtyWorks Marketing Platform

The MyRealtyWorks marketing program is designed specifically to handle the development, implementation and management of marketing initiatives for real estate professionals.

To do this, we use a combination of people and technology to tailor each marketing plan to the client and deliver results.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t simply copy the last agent’s materials and slap your picture on it. That only aims to devalue the marketing for both of you.

Instead – everything you’ll get from us is purpose built specifically to your needs and your directions. You’ll be assigned a marketing program manager who acts as your “marketing director”, here within our company. 

Together, you’ll direct a team of media designers, web developers, social media managers, digital advertising guru’s and cool copywriters to build and manage your online marketing the way YOU want it!

In short – we’re not just a web developer and not just a advertising consultant… we’re YOUR virtual marketing team!

We Solve Real Estate Marketing Problems

Some Things We Do For You...


We research your market & competition and help you implement a plan to succeed


We custom build your website & landing pages from scratch. No cookie-cutter templates here

Content Development

We write all of the content for your websites, landing pages, blogs and digital ads

Sales Automation

We provide you with a sales & marketing CRM that's built specifically for real estate

SEO & Online Search

We get you ranked for multiple keywords so customers can find you in their online searches

PPC & Digital Ads

We design, create and manage your digital ads on Facebook, Google and Youtube

Graphic Design

We design graphics, source stock footage and tweak your personal pictures to make them shine

Digital Consulting

We provide guidance and assistance on technology and trends that could help you


We teach what we do and why we are doing it so that you learn how to master online marketing

We Solve Real Estate Marketing Problems

Top 3 Benefits for Real Estate Agents

Be the industry guru

Brand Awareness

Our program is very effective at generating localized brand awareness that will promote you in the  community as THE real estate professional everyone should work with.

More qualified clients

Lead Generation

As your website and landing pages mature and rank in search engines, you’ll start generating more qualified buyer and seller leads as people use your IDX pages

Everything You Need

Save Time & Money

Our programs are very affordable and all-inclusive. We do the work for you, continue to manage it all and provide you with sales and marketing tools to help you succeed.

MyRealtyWorks Tips for New Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Agent working with MyRealtyWorks

Common Questions from our Real Estate Agent Clientelle

MyRealtyWorks | Agent F.A.Q.

Two key things differentiate us from our competitors. 1 – everything we do is custom designed for you from scratch. 2 – we are a full fledged marketing agency for real estate professionals. We don’t just put up a website and leave you hanging. Instead we actively monitor and manage your marketing for you to get you the results you want.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it can be described as the processes and actions taken to get more people to visit your website. You should care because the more people that hit your site – the more likely leads you’ll get. Fortunately for you… as a client we manage all of this for you. In that sense – then, I guess you don’t really need to care at all!

Well – to be honest it depends. If you have a decent site that is getting traffic already, then chances are we can work with it. However, if you have a site that was not designed correctly to support localized SEO and IDX searches – then you might see better results with a fresh new site.

The reason for poor or no visibility of a website in search engines can vary. There are many factors that Google, Bing and Yahoo use to determine which site should be shown in a search query. While typically content is king, other technical details like speed, image details, links to/from the pages, page design and more can all drastically impact results. For a detailed analysis and FREE consultation as to what the issues might be, contact us and we’ll take a look at what you’ve got and get you some answers.

Short answer – between 0 and 1 million. Longer answer… it really depends. Lead flow from a site (especially a new site) is impacted by a variety of factors. Aside from the quality of the site and its ability to rank in searches other aspects such as the local competition, market conditions, available inventory and types of homes being sold will also impact the amount of potential leads available. If you want a more thorough analysis of what we think we could drive in for leads with our marketing program, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

Every client engagement we do is unique. We sit down and teleconference with you to understand your goals, wants and needs… and then build a brand plan to market you effectively. Some plans take longer to implement than others. However, once your site is up we provide coaching on how to use it effectively to DRIVE more leads to your site proactively. This, in turn, creates a snowball effect for Google and signals that your site should be ranked higher and for more keywords. Most clients see some positive results and quality leads within the first 2-4 months after go-live.

Oh boy… lots of things! Unfortunately, most of the real estate agents we work with come to us with the mindset that the IDX website they have is just that… a reference point. IT IS SO MUCH MORE. As part of the MyRealtyWorks program, we coach and guide you on multiple ways to use your website to generate leads and interest in your services. By being proactive – you’ll crush the competition. We show you how.

Yes! 100%. Absolutely. All of our plans require that you stay a minimum of 3 months. But after that, you are on a monthly subscription and may cancel at any time and for any reason. And you won’t need to jump through hoops and listen to endless call-trees to do so… you simply cancel through your CRM account. Simple and easy.

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MyRealtyWorks Tips for New Real Estate Agents