Do Real Estate Agents Need Social Media?

Learn how smart and successful real estate agents use social media to drive in leads…

Michael Inzerillo | CEO Inzo Software Inc.

JULY 17, 2019 | Do Real Estate Agents Needs Social Media?

I was recently working with a new client of ours on her new real estate website. While we discussed plan the topic of social media came up and how it would factor into the overall “web presence” strategy for her. 

She knew Facebook inside and out and had dabbled in Twitter, Pinterest and even LinkedIn before. But she questioned why she should use business accounts in these types of channels and how she could use them to help her be more successful. So – to answer her basic question….

Do real estate agents need social media? Absolutely yes!

Social media sites & apps provide a limitless and far-reaching ability for the average real estate agent to promote themselves, market their brand, advertise their listings and share information to a vibrant audience en masse.

In this article, I’ll cover what most agents use in the social media universe as well as provide some suggestions on how smart real estate professionals might use it. And as a bonus at the end, I’ll cover a couple of lesser known social media tools that power real estate agents at Blue Sun Realty use to help them generate a bunch of qualified real estate buyer and seller leads.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Social Media?

Okay – so now that you know real estate agents (and brokers) need social media – you’re probably wondering WHY they need it. Why should any real estate professional not only spend their time creating social media channels…but then spend more of their time posting and updating content to those channels? In a word… brand promotion. Okay – that’s two words.

But let’s say it again anyway – BRAND PROMOTION

This remarkable set of tools and social media sites allows any real agent the ability to communicate anything they want… in any format… instantly. Never before in the history of industrialization were businesses able to communicate effortlessly to a massive amount of people – for FREE. For example:

·         Want to tell people about a price reduction – you tweet it on Twitter!

·         Want to show people the new home your selling – you upload a video on YouTube!

·         Want to share pictures of your million dollar listing – you pin it on Pinterest!

·         Want to schedule an open house and blast it out to people – you post it on Facebook!

It’s truly mind-boggling when you consider the amount of information we share and, more importantly… how much we consume from social media sites every day. In fact, in this 2018 report from GlobalWebIndex, on average people spent 2 hours and 22 minutes online each and every day just on social media sites alone.

This average was a near 50% increase from the same measurement only 5 years prior, when the average user spent an hour and 35 minutes on social media channels. And time spent on these sites is only increasing.

Social Media Time Spent Online - GlobalWbIndex
SOURCE: GlobalWebIndex

What does this mean for you as real estate professional? Opportunity. MASSIVE opportunity!