Top 21 Facebook Posts that Boost Awareness for Real Estate Agents

Michael Inzerillo | CEO Inzo Software Inc.

Effective Facebook Posts Leads to Leads

With an ever-growing user base of over 2.23 billion monthly users, Facebook is one of the leading platforms that allow real estate agents to boost awareness and market their listings effectively. Facebook search is one of the leading search methods that people employ to hunt down new listings and read testimonials and reviews before hiring a real estate agent.

In This Article...

we will walk you through 21 engaging Facebook post ideas that will help you boost awareness and engagement, and promote your realtor business with a competitive edge.

This multi-channel social media platform allows you to run ads, create open house events, boost traffic to your website, upload multimedia, graphics and visuals, and other creative and exciting ways to interact with your audience. Remember, creativity is always the key to engagement, and if you can succeed at capturing the attention of your audience, it will pave the way towards establishing a concrete and credible brand image.

A study conducted by the National Association of Realtors in 2017 concluded that Facebook allows 77% social media engagement for real estate marketing, followed by LinkedIn, Google and YouTube. Facebook marketing and posts allow complete freedom for customization, optimization and statistical data that allows you to examine and improve your engagement results.

1. Immersive Videos & Virtual Tours

Research reveals that 73% of the homeowners state that they are more encouraged to list their house with real estate agents who create videos and virtual tours. Over the years, drone technology has invaded the realm of real estate marketing, and listings that are powered with immersive visuals and tours of the property garner much more attention that just images.

2. Blog Posts

Sharing and promoting blog posts is one of the most effective strategies to boost traffic to your website, share information and keep your audience engaged. HubSpot conducted a study with 2300 customers, and the results revealed 126% increase in monthly leads for brands that run a blog. You can create a multi-dimension content strategy, focusing on sharing information, creativity and marketing your listings.

3. Contests & Giveaways

A study conducted by the MIT reveals that the word “free” triggers an emotional reaction, which causes us to perceive the items or services we receive as much more valuable. If you want to build an image of credibility and increase your clientele, giveaways are a great opportunity. You create contests and competitions, and delight your audience with free home staging services, open houses and more.

4. Quizzes & Polls

From the inception of Facebook till this day, users love playing quizzes and participating in polls because they allow them to express their opinions. Multinational brands, including Coca Cola, and real estate platforms, like Zillow, use quizzes and polls to learn more about their audience, along with providing them a creative post to drive engagement. The idea is to keep your quizzes and polls as interesting as possible.

5. Testimonials & Success Stories

Social media users seek reviews and testimonials before trusting a new brand, and you can inculcate an attitude of trust and reliability by sharing customer success stories and testimonials. This can be done in the form of images, text and particularly, videos that allow your customers to narrate their own experiences. This strategy will work wonders at reinforcing why you are a reliable and competent real estate agent.

6. Pictures & Imagery

A study conducted by the National Association of Realtors reveals that 87% of the home buyers, including Millennials and baby boomers, found pictures most useful in their search for real estate listings. The human brain can process visuals and images much more readily and easily than text, which is why images are the best post ideas to boost user engagement without putting in too much effort.

7. Highlight your Listings

Here’s a great strategy to market your listings: Use hashtags and ads to attract more people to view your page, listing and website posts. The idea is to highlight the best features of your listing, alongside adding the best images and videos of the listing. Be sure to add your contact information and a link to the website listing in case the user needs to dig more information.

8. Market the Neighborhoods

A survey conducted by the NAR reported that 78% of the home buyers give greater importance to neighborhood quality as opposed to the size of the house in question. Marketing the neighborhoods is extremely important as it will help you promote a community and create a favorable image that will help you market more listings from the same area.

9. Empower with Information

Buyers and sellers are more likely to trust agents who focus on empowering them with information as opposed to those who focus on handling all matters themselves. Sharing information is empowerment, and posts that help users break away from myths and learn about the market will help you build trust and engagement.

10. Engage First-Timers

First time buyers and sellers are always on the look-out for valuable information that will equip them with effective strategies to navigate the real estate market. You must engage first-timers with useful information and vital statistics that will inculcate a bond of trust, and encourage them to approach you with queries.

11. Promote your Business Center

If you want to increase walk-in engagement at your office, you can use Facebook to create posts and share images of your business venue. Encourage your audience to drop by your office for consultation and guidance, and list down some of the challenges you can help them with.

12. Motivational Quotes