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Thank you so much for your business. We’re excited to start working with you.

Next Steps


In the next 24 hours, we will begin the technical aspects of getting your website and digital marketing system setup. This includes things like your web server, wordpress installation, backup and security routines, CRM access and more. This usually takes 1-2 business days to complete.


After your server installation is completed, our design & web development teams will get to work and start building out the initial structure of your website. We’ll focus on layout, design and color use with the goal of providing a working platform for you to approve within 7-10 days.


After you approve your site design and overall structure during your Initial Site Review (ISR), our content development team gets to work and begins creating the content for your pages, blogs, articles, digital ads and video scripts that will be featured in your website. Depending on your selected plan and your availability, this could take anywhere from 10-20 days to complete.


Finally – once your site is completed with all content, we schedule a “Launch Event” for your website where we officially make the site live and public. We also initiate your digital ad marketing and back-links campaigns shortly after launch.

Materials Needed

As we begin to build your online marketing materials for you, there will be some information and media we will request from you in the very near future. These are some of the items we often request from our clients to use in their websites:

  • Recent Head-shot of Yourself (high resolution)
  • Recent Torso Shot of Yourself
  • Full Length Standing Shot of Yourself
  • Your Broker’s Logo
  • Your Team’s Logo
  • Your ideal colors for your website (if not the same as your brokers)
  • Any informational and instructional videos you want to use on your website
  • At least 3 testimonials or reviews from clients, vendors, colleagues, etc.
  • Pictures from your city or other target locations