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FREE and Paid plans to our simple yet powerful sales & marketing CRM built specifically for real estate pros.

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Real Estate CRM Software Plans

Our real estate crm provides sales automation and marketing features that help agents, teams and brokers track leads, manage referrals, network with each other and get more organized.

Monthly Subscriptions


Great for Newbies & Casual Agents
$ 0 per Month
  • Lead Tracking
  • Contact Database (to 500)
  • Property Tracking (to 50)
  • Day Planner
  • Email Sync (MS & GMail)
  • Facebook Pages Integration
  • File Storage (100 GB)
  • Access to Private Community


Great for Career Agents
$ 0 per Month
  • FREE Until 12/31/2020
  • Lead Tracking
  • Contact Database (unlimted)
  • Property Tracking (Unlimited)
  • Day Planner
  • Email Sync (Multiple Accounts)
  • Facebook Pages Integration
  • 1 Virtual SMS Number
  • Mass Email / Text
  • App Integration (Zapier)
  • API Access
  • File Storage (500 GB)
  • Access to Private Community

Automatic 20% Discount for Annual Purchases

All MyRealtyWorks real estate marketing plans require a 3-month minimum commitment. Plans are monthly thereafter and you may cancel at any time, for any reason.

MyRealtyWorks provides a 30 day Satisfaction & Money-Back Guarantee.

Common Questions About MyRealtyWorks Marketing Plans

MyRealtyWorks | Marketing Plan F.A.Q.

Two key things differentiate us from our competitors. 1 – everything we do is custom designed for you from scratch. 2 – we are a full fledged marketing agency for real estate professionals. We don’t just put up a website and leave you hanging. Instead we actively monitor and manage your marketing for you to get you the results you want.

The tiers are designed to be straightforward. For individual agents or teams of two or three – the “Agent Plan” usually works. For most everyone else, the “Broker” plan is what you want. The “Premier” plan is our mac-daddy version of the broker plan and is designed for brokers and settlement providers with 15 or more people. But we understand that one size may not fit all. That said – if you need some help deciding, give us a call at 813-435-6888 and speak with a marketing consultant who can advise you.

Well – to be honest it depends. If you have a decent site that is getting traffic already, then chances are we can work with it. However, if you have a site that was not designed correctly to support localized SEO and IDX searches – then you might see better results with a fresh new site.

The reason for poor or no visibility of a website in search engines can vary. There are many factors that Google, Bing and Yahoo use to determine which site should be shown in a search query. While typically content is king, other technical details like speed, image details, links to/from the pages, page design and more can all drastically impact results. For a detailed analysis and FREE consultation as to what the issues might be, contact us and we’ll take a look at what you’ve got and get you some answers.

Yes. Each member of your team will receive a 3 page¬† agent “mini-site” that acts as an extension of your broker website. These pages will help them showcase their listings, attract new buyer leads and provide additional information to their own base of former and new customers.

Short answer – between 0 and 1 million. Longer answer… it really depends. Lead flow from a site (especially a new site) is impacted by a variety of factors. Aside from the quality of the site and its ability to rank in searches other aspects such as the local competition, market conditions, available inventory and types of homes being sold will also impact the amount of potential leads available. If you want a more thorough analysis of what we think we could drive in for leads with our marketing program, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

Every client engagement we do is unique. We sit down and teleconference with you to understand your goals, wants and needs… and then build a brand plan to market you effectively. Some plans take longer to implement than others. However, once your site is up we provide coaching on how to use it effectively to DRIVE more leads to your site proactively. This, in turn, creates a snowball effect for Google and signals that your site should be ranked higher and for more keywords. Most clients see some positive results and quality leads within the first 2-4 months after go-live.

Usually, yes.  For the most part Рif you more comfortable with a lower plan and want to start with that and grow as you need to Рno problem. As long as it has the minimum deliverables and licenses you are looking for then go for it. You can always upgrade your plan later.

Nope. As a real estate professionals ourselves – we hate that too! All of our plans require that you stay a minimum of 3 months. This recoups our cost of development. But after that, you are on a monthly subscription and may cancel at any time and for any reason. And you won’t need to jump through hoops and listen to endless call-trees to do so… you simply cancel through your CRM account. Simple and easy.

Lots of things! As a real estate broker, you can easily assign leads, automate emails and text messages, track activities, track and manage leads and contact, view IDX property information inside the CRM and more. Our CRM solution also offers a built in community network that allows you to network out to other real estate agents, brokers, vendors and professionals that have joined the MyRealtyWorks community. It’s a great source of referral building and lead selling.

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