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Custom real estate websites that are built to promote your brand locally and attract buyers & sellers.

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Real Estate Website Services

Get a modern website to help you promote your company and be found online in your local community. Each website built by MyRealtyWorks is custom designed and equipped with eye-popping visuals & technology to help you attract AND convert new leads.

Starting At...

$ 599 One Time Fee
  • Up to 8 Custom Pages
  • Up to 8 Royalty Free Images
  • All Content Written For You
  • All Research Done For You
  • All Development Done For You
  • 1 Domain Name for 12 Months
  • 4 Real Estate Blogs
  • Unlimited Revisions for 30 Days

We Give You More Than Just a Website

We create completely custom websites for the real estate industry. These are not template driven and you don’t need to design and build it yourself. Instead, we do all the heavy lifting and give you a handcrafted website designed exactly the way you want it!

With a website from MyRealtyWorks – you get an entire marketing team working on building you something that will stand-out and compete for search results in your local area.

All of our sites include content writing, media development and robust competitive research &  search analysis to better understand what your customers search for and how they’ll most likely find you.

Using that information, we get to work designing and building your hand-crafted website. We tailor all of the content and materials on your site to help ensure that it competes well against your competitors and aligns with what customers are search for.

In short – our craftsmanship helps your website get ranked in Google faster…. which drives in more leads and makes you more money!


Every Website We Build Includes...


We research your market & competition and help you implement a plan to succeed

Personal Style

We custom build your website & landing pages from scratch. No cookie-cutter templates here

Content Development

We write all of the content for your websites, landing pages, blogs and digital ads

Competitor Research

We research the top competitors in your area and give you a report on how to beat them

Search Analysis

We learn what your customers search for online and build your site to get their attention

Graphic Design

We design graphics, source stock footage and tweak your personal pictures to make them shine

Local SEO

We employ the best practices for local SEO on your site to ensure you get found locally

Lead Capture

We build lead-focused websites to help you get more local traffic and convert more leads

Digital Consulting

We provide guidance on how you can use your website after launch

Real Estate Website Add-Ons

We provide affordable website hosting on blazing fast and secure servers through our partnership with WPEngine. Each website is secured with HTTPS, backed up daily and you are given admin access to site.

We integrate IDX search, mortgage calculator, buyer sign-up, account management, property listings pages, and up to up to 5 custom search areas.

We provide e-commerce solutions for businesses who want to take payment of services from their website

We provide custom built web pages, landing pages, form design and more on an as-needed basis. We make it easy for you to to start out with what you need and add pages to grow your site as you see fit.

We offer direct integration to our real estate CRM  & marketing system to help you tract leads and run your business. Use communication tools, post to Facebook pages, us sales automation features, view website analytics & more directly from one system.

We provide in-house media design & development services for logos, images, videos, social media & digital document materials and more.

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